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My name is Jennifer Corporan, also known as Chef Lioness, La Leona.  After 9 years in the human services field, I stepped out on faith in July of 2017 to pursue my passion for the world of culinary in NYC. Since then, I have worked daily to build the Chef Lioness brand. Guided by my ancestors and culinary school graduate of 2016.  In 2018 I began my first employment in the food industry within corporate dining and quickly learned I was meant to be an entrepreneur. Lioness Cuisine LLC provides an array of culinary experiences.

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In May of 2019, a fellow creative took a chance and leapt with me into a food service venture that allowed me to have my first brick and mortar – Dancin Tastebuds – making me the first Dominican-American female chef to cook in a deli in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Nine months in, the New York Post published an article recognizing me as the “Deli Influencer".  On March 20th COVID closed us down.  While in quarantine I have taken the time to be extra intentional with what I wanted the Chef Lioness brand to represent and provide to the masses.


My mission is to create and deliver a memorable experience through food, love, music, culture, knowledge, and laughter, as a collective with all I do. To inspire you with the courage to not be afraid to start from scratch at any point your soul no longer loves what you do or who you are surround by.  Since the pandemic began, I saw a strong need for development of coping skills and culinary knowledge. I focused my energy on creating a virtual class that solved both.  Cooking With Lioness (see video/booking info).  Classes will continue to change as I keep creating recipes for you.   I look forward to having you cook and dance with me!


Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates, private events, book releases and all things Chef Lioness.  I am a woman evolving daily, uncovering and living out the years of dreams and creativity I suppressed for years while being an employee publicly.  Enjoy the ride. 

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